Le clip illustrant « Heart Of The Matter », un des titres du nouvel album des Libertines, vient d’apparaître. Un clip fort, dérangeant, dans lequel il est question d’abus, d’auto destruction, et du regard du public, des fans…Un regard lucide, intransigeant, du duo Doherty-Barât sur lui-même. 

Sur leur page facebook, les Libertines accompagnent cette publication du clip des commentaires de celui qui l’a réalisé, Roger Sargent: 

 » Some words here from our long time friend and collaborator Roger Sargent, director of « HEART OF THE MATTER. »

« The Libertines have never been a band to lack candour or bravery… almost to a fault. Their honesty, their friendship has played out, in the public domain often with catastrophic consequences. In ‘Heart Of The Matter’, Peter and Carl reflectively talk about the damage and abuse they have caused themselves over the years, openly mystified that they have survived thus far. It’s a catharsis, a bleak, bold and brave one. To that end, when we talked about making the video for the song we all felt it had to be similarly honest. The unsettling subjects could not be shied away from. On the contrary, these had to be faced head on.”
– – –
If you feel effected by the issues raised in this video check here for further information: http://www.talktofrank.com « 

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